Spectacular Special Effects

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Special effects

Our theatrical effects division is lead by one of the most experienced magical designers in the industry.

For over thirty years, Las Vegas illusionist Steven Diamond has set the standard for awe inspiring theatrical and visual effects and in the process, created some of the most stunning magical moments for audiences around the globe.

With over 10,000 live performances in over 80 countries around the planet in some of the largest venues in the world, he has the proven track record of unmatched experience.

No project or concept is too big or too small.  Our special effects division, with it’s many technical and creative innovations has pioneered the development of many advances in effects technology.  Using the very latest in optical compositing, computer graphics, and digital prevision imaging we can bring any idea, thought, or dream to life on paper before we ever begin to build.  This unique pre-visualization process ensures every detail is perfect and true to your vision.

Our clients collaborate with the Braun Production special effects team through out every step of the creative process.

Weather you need a flying car in front of a live audience or you need a spectacular jaw dropping opening reveal for the star of your show, no challenge is beyond the realm of our reach.  Every amazing moment on stage begins with a simple idea.

Braun Productions brings those ideas to life.