Artistic Design

Braun Production’s award-winning design work is not limited to angel wings or flying rigs. Recent projects encompass a wide variety of themed experiences that extend into hotels, retail stores, world famous night clubs, cruise ships, and casinos.  Our iconic theatrical designs and solid industry reputation represents the innovative and immersive experience that is the hallmark of Braun Productions design approach.

What sets us apart is our distinct ability to merge theater & aerial arts with design, technology & innovation.  Braun Productions creates unmatched vision and design for every entertainment medium.

Braun Productions innate understanding of entertainment design is based upon the fact that our core team has toured around the world in live shows performing, training, and designing for nearly 30 years.  We have created exciting entertainment for every entertainment medium.
In the world of live entertainment, Braun Productions has continually pushed the boundaries of conventional staging, essentially inventing our own methods which have now become live arena show industry standards.

In all the world, there is only one Braun Productions.  Among the independent design and production companies, Braun Productions is unique in its broad-based approach to creative development.  In fact, no other independent design company today can claim a practical experience base in so wide an area of entertainment venues.  Braun Productions has created and produced for themed attractions, Broadway shows, motion pictures, and television productions, as well as superstar arena tours.  Braun Productions has been an innovative leader in every area of its development, from television,  to live stage, from night clubs  to live interactive experiences, creating new technologies along the way.

Braun Productions continues to be the industry leader in providing new and exciting concepts for the live entertainment industries.  No other independent design and production company offers the range of services that are provided with Braun Productions, and no other company provides the level of quality that is synonymous with the Braun Productions created attractions and iconic live events.

The Braun Productions Brand.

Through its many projects, productions, attractions, and presentations, Braun Productions has developed an international presence.  Braun Productions has always been an innovator in the world of entertainment, and that heritage continues as we forge ahead, creating tomorrow’s entertainment today.