Case Study – P!NK

The Braun Productions show designers understand that modern audiences require much more than compelling stories, stunning special effects, and even immersive environments to keep them at the edge of their seats.  That’s why from Broadway to Las Vegas to Touring arena stages around the globe, the Braun Production name is synonymous with today’s most unique and engaging live theatrical and musical productions.

In all the world, there is only one Braun Productions.  Among the independent design and production companies, Braun Productions is unique in its detailed-based aerial approach to creative development.  In fact, there isn’t any other independent design company today that is able to claim a practical experience base in the aerial arts in such a vast array of entertainment venues.  Braun Productions has created and produced for themed attractions, Broadway shows, motion pictures, and television productions.  Braun Productions has been innovative in every area of its development, inventing new technologies along the way.  In all, Braun Productions has supervised the direct development and production of over 100 major productions worldwide.

What sets us apart … is our distinct ability to merge theater & aerial arts with design, technology & innovation.  Braun Productions creates an unmatched vision and design for every entertainment medium.

When you engage Braun Productions to design and produce your project through completion, you’re employing accomplished architects, planners, designers, visionaries, writers, creative directors, project managers, world class Illusionists, lighting designers, sound designers, graphic designers, expert riggers, aerial and flying engineers, and more – all cast appropriately to fulfill your specific needs.


When Braun Productions got the call that P!NK was designing her new tour and wanted something unique and dangerous for her fans, we got excited.  Artists like P!NK who are daring and natural born risk takers are few and far between.  She knew what she wanted and it was up to Braun Productions to create the perfect thrills for her international audiences.


P!NK was looking for something unique.

P!nk wanted something that her fans had never seen and would not expect from her live performance.  She wanted to catch them off guard.  Braun Productions was tasked with creating several jaw dropping aerial moments that would deliver the thrilling ride that P!NK envisioned.
Pink modelThe concept design phase began on the bungee rigging to be performed to her hit song “Raise Your Glass.”  There were several inherent challenges to overcome with using the star of the show as the principal flyer.  Her safety was the top priority, along with the fact that she would need to be able to do this successfully every night in different venues around the world.  These feats are usually reserved for top aerial athletes.  An expert level of intense private training would be required by everyone involved in order to ensure P!NK’s performance success.  Unlike many other artists, P!NK sings live every night, even in rehearsals!  Braun Productions was very aware of the fact that she would need to sing perfectly during every minute designed.
Pink 2

Braun Productions originally created 3 different looks for the bungee rigging that would speak to the song’s lyrics “Raise Your Glass.”  The first design was rejected because it was deemed “too pretty.”  P!NK wanted something more of a party atmosphere.  On the 3rd model created you can see (see photo) that the hearts were replaced with party glasses and neon was added to help create the proper look and feel.  Approval was granted and the huge apparatus went into the final design and fabrication phase.  Three “catchers” would hang upside down and catch P!NK as she performed a series of amazing aerial moves in what would become one of the most thrilling moments of her tour.
P!nk P!NK’s level of physical agility and personal commitment to this performance was unlike anything Braun Productions had ever seen in a top rock artist.  Her body is in amazing physical shape and she is very strong.  She actually requested that we design even more difficult aerial feats because she wanted to push the envelope each night and personally challenge herself in the process.  P!NK is a very unique artist in her mindset and personal commitment to delivering more than her fans demand.

Braun Productions needed to ensure everything would fit into the Australian shipping containers being that they would be the smallest used on the tour.  article-2358125-1AAB79FE000005DC-138_634x547Once fabrication had finished a proxy cast and crew was trained in the Braun Productions Studios in Las Vegas and the final performance blocking and choreography was created.  During this period, Braun Productions videotaped every rehearsal and sent the recordings via FedEx  to the show’s choreographer for his input every step of the way.  This would ensure that what we created was a perfect match within the overall design of the show.  This proxy cast would then be sent to Los Angeles, California with the equipment to help train the actual cast and crew.  P!NK was involved every step of the way.

Then She Wanted More!

P!NK had several other numbers for which she felt aerial arts would be just the thing!  Her hit song “Sober” was a dark journey through the throws of deep addiction.  She wanted a number that reflected that deep disturbing journey.  The original mock-up model designed for the proposed spinning aerial cage was too “pretty.”  P!NK wanted a more “Tortured” look and feel.  (See Below)
The inspiration for the final design came from Dante’s Inferno.  In the movie, Dante passes through the gate of Hell, which bears an inscription, the ninth (and final) line of which is the famous phrase “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate,” or “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”  Before entering Hell completely, Dante and his guide see the Uncommitted, souls of people who in life did nothing, neither for good nor evil; among these souls, Dante recognizes either Pope Celestine V or Pontius Pilate (the text is ambiguous).  Intermixed are outcasts who took no side in the Rebellion of Angels.  These souls are neither in Hell nor out of it, but reside on the shores of the Acheron, their punishment to eternally pursue a banner (i.e. self interest) while pursued by wasps and hornets that continually sting them as maggots and other such insects drink their blood and tears.  This symbolizes the sting of their conscience and the repugnance of sin. 
image 2This can also be seen as a reflection of the spiritual stagnation they lived in.  As with the Purgatorio and Paradiso, the Inferno has a structure of 9+1=10, with this “vestibule” different in nature from the nine circles of Hell, and separated from them by the Acheron. 
Here (see photo to the right) you can see the complete redesign of the final model that mirrors the deeply dark and twisted journey of the tortured soul.

As seen in the evolution of photographs on this page the design process is a very conscience one. It was designed to consistently reflect the themes, visual imagery, and messages our clients want to project throughout their performance.  From concept to the biggest stages around the world Braun Productions delivers unmatched artistry every time.