Create Photo Opportunities That Last A Lifetime! 

Capturing an unexpected moment is a gift you give your guests… and there is no better way than creating amazing photos that will last a lifetime. Weather it’s the bride and groom or your entire wedding party, you want something different and unique.  Our unique wedding themed apparatus’s are the perfect solution. We help you paint a visual masterpiece in a timeless moment designed to WOW your attendees.

Final BirdCage


No matter what your dream wedding entails, this moment will exceed your expectations.

  • Photo Opportunity for you and your guests.
  • Stunning Props that can be used as decor.
  • Amazing wedding picture ideas.
  • Creativity limited only by your wedding planners imagination!




Champaign CThe Champagne Chandelier

A stunning professional aerialist descends from the center of a spectacular chandelier, pouring glass after glass of delicate sparkling champagne above the heads of eager guests.


Final Braun Aerial Chandelier 4This fully mobile, utterly breathtaking beverage service device is perfect for black tie galas, weddings, corporate events, and beverage launches.






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