Custom Bottle Service Designs

There’s a NEW game in town.

Gaming is no longer why people come to Las Vegas; they’re coming because they can only have the ultimate nightlife experience in one place – Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas, revelers are no longer content to nurse drinks and watch dancers in ostrich-feather headdresses doing leg kicks.  They want to be a part of the action.  The contest to create the next over-the-top club demonstrates just how much Las Vegas has changed.  Restaurants and drinking establishments used to operate at a loss to lure in gamblers.  Now, most of the revenue on the Strip comes from non-casino businesses.  Nightclubs draw thousands of paying guests a night willing to pay through-the-roof prices for a night they will never forget.
At Braun Productions, we design those iconic moments that YOUR high rollers will remember for a lifetime to come.  From the jaw dropping wardrobe to the unique bottle presentation vessel itself, we do it all!

Any vision, any theme, any concept from design to fabrication we can do it!
A recent Billboard Survey of the Top 100 nightclubs could have served as enough evidence for the positive health of the nightlife industry, the total revenue generated by the 2014 Top 100 showcases the demand these venues fulfill.  More than 77% of operators surveyed experienced revenue growth in 2013 and one-third of which (30.4%) reported revenue growth in excess of 10%, while 35.7% of them reported between 5 and 10% growth.  Nightlife venues across the country continue to thrive as patrons seek outlets that are both new and established to discover the latest cocktails, music, and bottle service experiences.