Documentary Filming Has Begun!

A feature length documentary touted as a candid behind-the-scenes look at the secret Las Vegas company where the superstar’s go to have their props and ariel wonders designed, manufactured, and created – has officially begun filming.

After months of pre-production planning, camera crews have swarmed into every department filming the entire creative process from the first phone call to the live show celebrity performance.  Among the pieces being filmed is a twelve foot tall set of custom designed animatronic angel wings for Britney Spears and her new Las Vegas Show “Piece Of Me” which opens Dec 27th 2013 at the Planet Hollywood Resort Casino.

This film takes us deep backstage through the secret world of large scale entertainment design and fabrication where some of the biggest names in entertainment history have sought Braun Productions unique and elite services.

This film will clearly demonstrate the amount of work, passion, and precision that goes into planning and designing the breathtaking live thrills that their many superstar clients are known for.

Filming will continue through out the first of the year and is slated for release early summer 2014.